Baton Rouge, Louisiana Wedding

colleen & Daniel

john bunn films

Wedding Photography: 
Bliss Photo

Ceremony Location; First Presbyterian Church Baton Rouge

Rickey Heromans Florist

Tabby's Cakes

Phat Hat Band

Hair / Makeup:
Soho Boutique Salon

Bride's Attire: Martinaliana Bridal

Bridal Boutique:
Brick House Bridal

Lynn Wood Rental

Paper Products:
Gem Printing New Orleans

Rehearsal Dinner Location:
City Club of Baton Rouge

About the event:

You Brought Color to My World. This story, I don't know how to explain how beautiful it is. Literally this is the reason why I do wedding films. Finding two people that had separate lives, both being built with intention and faith, honoring God, and waiting for the right person. Then one day, BOOM, the two paths collide, and life is never the same.

This is exactly what happened with Daniel and Colleen. They couldn't not go for it. They couldn't not see if this thing was going to work. And you could feel it in their presence. The rest of the world just faded away. They were built for each other. Their families had each prepared them for one another. Two lifetimes of work, built toward this moment. A moment where they would bring the true color into each other's world.

Being able to travel around the globe filming weddings is always an honor. But when you get to film a wedding like this, it fuels you to keep pushing and making more wedding videos. What about these two did that for me? It was the people, the love, the story. Watching them tell their story of their love, of their family, seeing the look on mom's face when helping Colleen put her dress on, dad's look in his eyes as he saw his daughter in the dress, the backyard wedding at their home, the words spoken at the rehearsal dinner, it ALL just built toward what the true meaning of love and marriage is for me. AH. I don't know how to move on from the idea that these two perfectly beautiful people were actually more beautiful souls. These two beautiful families, were more beautiful behind the scenes, than when everyone was looking. You could tell the love was real. Down to the core of their family. This wasn't a show, or a wedding to try to go viral. This was love. This is love. I am honored to play a small role in this day.

Colleen and Daniel, wow. Just thank you for trusting me on this wedding video. I am a better person for having attended this one. You all are the real deal, and I pray you all continue to serve the Lord, and honor Him with your lives. I know I was blessed because of it. I can not wait for you to show your perfect, beautiful children this wedding film in the years to come. I love you guys!