Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding

Camille & logan

John Bunn Films

Taryn Baxter Photography

Ceremony location:
flora farms

event design:
Amy Abbott Events

Floral Design:
Bella Flora

Bridal Boutique:
Warren Barron Bridal

bride's Attire:
Monique LHuillier

About the event:

To me, this film rivals some of the best wedding filmmakers in all of the land. This film is truly me. Every time I watch it, I get more excited for the couple to have this for the years to come.  

This destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas Mexico was unreal. The venue, Flora Farms, breathtaking. Hanging out at the resort, watching the waves crash in, smelling the smells of downtown Cabo, it all was just so perfect. This wedding was gorgeous, but more importantly, this couple is truly head over heels in love with one another, and it shows. 

Now, to Camille, Logan, and your families... Thank you for taking the time to bring me out to Cabo for this destination wedding. I look at your family, and I am constantly impressed by your love for Jesus, and for each other. You do the little things behind the scenes that most people aren't willing to do. I see that your family has put in the work to be in each other's lives, to help each other when one is hurting, and that has impacted me. I look to your family as a family I want to model my own family after. So thank you for that. 

To Camille specifically. We have been to so many weddings together, but it was my honor to film yours. I can only hope you love it as much as I do. I can only hope that you watch this film with your children one day and are able to show them the love you and Logan have for one another. Thank you. Seriously, thank you to your entire family. I love you all, and if you ever need me, I am only a phone call away. 

With Love,